I bought this tank setup from a tank builder in Randburg in February 2006.

The idea was to set it up to breed fish. This never happened and the tank was moved around from house to house and sat in a storage unit for years.

There are three 200L tanks and a 80L Sump.


I was not able to put this in the house so I set it up in the garage where I do gym every morning. Now I can check out my tanks while doing gym.

The top tank is a freshwater setup filtered with a Penn-Plex Cascade 700 cannister filter

The Middle and bottom tanks use the sump and are setup as fish only marine tanks.

Middle tank has Aragonite media and dry rock and drains into the bottom tank.

Bottom tank is beach sand and sandstone rock and drains into the sump.

I started setting up the tanks in May 2015 and finally had it all ready to start cycling in May 2016, one year to setup on weekends only.

February 2006

May 2015

May 2016

March 2017