Here are a couple of links to friends sites and generally interesting websites! 

How Stuff Works. Absolutely the most amazing website on the entire internet. Most of my models were built with info from this site.

My brother Anthony's site. A home-built PC based Linux driven device used to play mp3's either in your car or ontop of your hifi.

Meccano spares - South Africa. Peter Mathews supplies me with all my spares and advice. Visit his site at:

Transvaal Meccano Guild. One of the Meccano clubs in south Africa that I belong to.

The Meccano model library. Chris Bourne's site has a number of online model plans for you to build. The plans are free to distribute.

Model Steam Engines. Tons of info on different model steam engines.

Shovels and Dredgers. Its in German, but click on the "bilder x" links on the bottom of the page and they have excellent pictures of heavy construction machinery.

Lego Construction Site. Original Lego designs by Jennifer Clark. These Lego models are technical marvels and shows you what is possible with Lego. Just as we like to think that Meccano is more than a toy, so do Lego fans.

Anthony's Pro/Desktop, Exacto and Meccano Resource. My brother Anthony's resource for designing your own Meccano models in Pro Desktop.

Transport in Southern Africa. A Collection of photographs relating to transport in Southern Africa. Divided into 14 different categories, it is a nice reference site for the model builder.

Crabfu Steamworks. A Fantastic site by I-Wei Huang where he builds radio controlled steam operated models. I-Wei Huang  uses Meccano in a few of his models, basing his models on a number of technologies and manufacturers.