This page has photos of the Model Steam Engines that I own, mostly Meccano, Mamod and Wilesco.

Most of them were restored by myself, with links to the relevant pages for the interested.

Click on an image to display a higher resolution image in a new window.


Mamod Minor 1 (Original)




Mamod Minor 2 (Restored)




Meccano SP3 (Restored)




Meccano SP3 (Original)



Meccano 1929 Steam Engine (Restored)




Hornby Hobbies Stephensons Rocket (Restored)



Wilesco D365 (Restored)




Wilesco D8 (Next Project)



This is possibly my next project. A chimney needs to be made or bought. The boiler needs a lot of work.


Wilesco Steam Turbine "T90 (Original)




Mamod SE2 (Original)




Mamod SE3 (Original)




Mamod Accessories




Wilesco Accessories






Mamod Lumber Wagon LW.1



Hornby O Gauge clockwork locomotive