November 2009



One of the joys of Meccano is that only a basic screwdriver and two spanners are needed to build just about any model.

Obviously a few extra tools thrown in will make building a few of the more complex or tricky models easier.

Below is my collection of building tools that I use on my models.


Curved "tools" of different diameters for making a simple curved bend in a plate or strip.


Pliers used to hold parts in place as well as to pull out a sticky rod etc...


Flat and allen head screwdrivers of different lengths


Spanners and box spanners flattened out as well as bent to different angles for difficult to reach areas.

Medical forceps also make placing a difficult to reach nut or bolt a lot easier.


Drifts make aligning holes and bearings a lot easier.

A hooked pick makes it a lot easier to string up a model crane, especially if you have moved it to a show and the strings have come off all the pulleys!

A telescopic magnetic pickup helps to retrieve dropped parts in large or small models.