The JMH newsletter is published quarterly. Articles include contributions from members, meeting minutes, Spanner, overseas Meccano clubs and anybody with a good idea!!

Feature articles in the latest issue (January 2003) of the JMH newsletter include:

  • Cover: Various models on display at meeting 178
  • Minutes 
  • Outgoing Chairman's report
  • Model Report
  • The life story of Meccano part 3
  • New sets for 2003, Spring steel?!
  • A KA locomotive
  • A Pro/Desktop tutorial
  • Internet ongoings
  • Granddaughter Clock
  • International Journals
  • Tech stuff!
  • Letters


Feature articles in the January 2001 issue of the JMH newsletter include:

  • Cover: The new Meccano range!
  • Part review
  • The golden spanner award
  • New sets-first impressions
  • Meccanograph mania
  • Internet ongoings
  • Tech stuff!
  • Letters