Sponsored prizes of model kits for members of the public.

Competitions throughout the day were held using both plastic and metal Meccano to allow members of the public between 3-12 years old to build models. The modeler who finished in the quickest time won a prize (either the model they just built, or a new 1 set box).

We picked the most difficult model of the lot for them to assemble, the number 1 set ultra light aircraft. What an experience watching the new builders try assemble it. What was planned as a simple shopping experience for the unwitting public at the mall turned out in some cases to be an hour long stress session. I'm not sure if the parents or the kids were more frustrated! But fun was had by all and the public walked off with a few prizes. Thanks Just Fun Toys!!

Fun building models at the 2000 show! The competition revolves around kids building set 1 models. Whoever finished first won either the model they built or an unopened set 1. Prizes sponsored by Just Fun Toys!

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