The JMH Mass Driven Competition 2003

Held at the Blairgowrie hall on the 30 November 2003.


Entrants were : Chris Els, Dave Heathcote, Anthony Els and David Laurence (USA) (proxied by David Menasce)

Judges were : Wessels Mathews and Dave Feinstein


The rules are simple, a one pound (453g) falling weight provides the power and must travel with the machine.

Three runs were allowed, with your best run being the one that counts.


Results were as follows:

4th place : Chris Els : 8 meters

3rd place : David Laurence : 16 meters

2nd place : Dave Heathcote : 23.75 meters

1st place : Anthony Els : 24 meters


Fun was had for all, with towers falling over, running all over the place, or like the webmaster Chris's entry, not running at all!


pic5.jpg (35032 bytes)

Dave Heathcote 

pic2.jpg (34368 bytes)

Anthony Els and his behemoth creation.

pic3.jpg (36894 bytes)

Chris Els

pic1.jpg (29018 bytes)

Dave Heathcote doing some fine tuning to his race machine.

pic4.jpg (30248 bytes)

The judge Dave Feinstein (right) made sure that all rules were strictly adhered to!

pic6.jpg (31659 bytes)

David Menasce operated David Lawrence's (USA) gravity machine in proxy.