CRMS: BALFOUR PARK 2000 - page 1

The show went off without a hitch, with Balfour park Shopping Center supplying the JMh with free advertising, carpeted tables, tablecloths and bollards. Just Fun Toys financed advertising, supplied polystyrene advertising, wooden and aluminum display stands, supplied competition models, prizes and stock models for the show.

Arriving on 30 June 2000, setup started around 5:00pm, finishing 5 hours later. Not crowded for model space, individual colored mats provided models with a unique focus and sophisticated presentation means which came across as well-organized and continuous throughout. Enjoy the (copious) photos, which range from start to full steam across the two days.

Internet cards were handed out ad-infinitum... so we will see if it makes a dent on the number of hits on the site!

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