Held on the 30 November 2003

Various photos from the show

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Ball rolling clock, Dave Heathcote

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Matchbox machine, Dave Heathcote

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Walker, Tiger Ball

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Mini Blocksetter, Dave Heathcote

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Hotrod Chassis, Dave Heatcote

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3 Tanks, Anthony Els

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M9A1 Half Track, Anthony Els

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Chinook helicopter, Anthony Els

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Tanker, Anthony Els

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Stothert and Pitt Hercules Blocksetting Crane, Anthony Els

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Flatbed truck, Anthony Els

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London RT bus, Anthony Els

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Exacto Gears, Anthony Els

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Meccanograph, Dave Heathcote

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Meccano Factory Ferris wheel, Dave Feinstein

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Porter Steam loco, Dave Heathcote

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Various models by the Johannesburg Jewish Meccano club

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Centenary Loco, Chris Els

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Tug Boat, Chris Els

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View of the display

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Wessels Mathews selling replica Meccano spares

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Railway breakdown crane, Eugene Schneider

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Blocksetter, Eugene Schneider