I purchased two Green Spotted Puffers (Tetraodon nigrifilis). The Pet store had them in freshwater.

I had been cycling the tank as freshwater  for 2 weeks and I felt it was ready for them.


They both had Ich and fungal growths on their dorsal fins.

I decided to take a chance on them as they looked pretty healthy.

They were both swimming and looked fairly "full".


Once home, I let them acclimatize for a 2 days and began to add marine salt. I added 2 teaspoons every 2 days to let the

freshwater bacteria die off and let the saltwater nitrification process begin. I don't know how true this is, but the Ich and fungal infection

disappeared after the 5th day and both seem pretty healthy and active.


They both eat like pigs, literally, they eat until their bellies swell grossly. They are very cute, lively and are fascinating to watch.


An Atman 3336 filters the water and Java Moss, Java Fern and Egeria Densa seems to be fine at 1.005 density.

Rocks that I collected from the rock pools at Isipingo, Durban when I was a kid with my father are used to make caves for them to hide in.



June 2005. Density 1.005


June 2005. Very annoying to photograph. They clamp their fins together when you are too close.

When you move back, they swim around with all their fins open! 

They have just eaten, notice how swollen they let themselves get!