These pictures are of tanks and fish I have had and currently have.

1.  Old Tanks. These pictures are of my old 200L planted comunity.


2.  Office Tank. The desktop tank I had in my office.


3.  Tank Stand. Step by step of my stand that held 5 tanks. Marine, Brackish and Tropical.


4.  166L Planted Community. My pride and joy.


5.  90L Paludarium. Houses a couple of Transvaal river crabs (Potamonautes warreni).


6.  90L Brackish Tank. Houses a couple of Green Spotted Puffers (Tetraodon nigrifilis).

7.  Breeding Tanks. Pics of Breeding tanks I had setup.


8.  Kitchen Fish tank Journal. Journal of my Kitchen Fish tank.

9.  Garage Fishtanks. Setup of my tanks running in the garage.