October 2003


This model was built from the supermodel leaflet #24.


I decided to add radio control to the crane. The radio I have is only a 2 channel( 2 function), but I needed 3 functions : 

Travel, Hoist and Slew.

Dave Heathcote demonstrated a device to let you control up to 4 functions using 1 motor to change functions, which I used.

This arrangement with an explanation can be seen in the last photo.


The model has flashing LED's on the top as well as spotlights pointed at the hook.

This makes it possible to run the model in a darkened room, the spotlights giving light and the function LED's telling you

which function is engaged!


There are 10 batteries packed into this model to run the radio receiver, servos, spotlights, flashing LED's, function LED's and function control motor.

The E15R gets its power from the track.


The Supermodel leaflet #24

My radio controlled version.



General view of the Gantry crane.


In this view you can see the servo that puts the E15R motor into Reverse or Forward.


The second servo controls a battery box that runs the function control motor seen below.

The MO drives a worm gear engaging the 57T gear moving the selector pinion around.


View of the LED's. The different color LED's light up as each function is engaged for visual confirmation.


- A 57T gear (A) runs loose on the driven shaft. 

- A 19T pinion is tightened onto the shaft.

- An idler 19T pinion (B) runs in a hole of the 57T gear.

- A worm on shaft (C) turns the 57T gear causing the idler pinion to engage with satellite 19T pinions (D) for each function.