These pictures are of models I have build over the years.

    Old Models. These pictures are the models my brother and I built since we were about 10 and 8 years old respectively. 

                           The period is from 1985 until about 1992 when I stopped building.


    Miscellaneous Models. Smaller model projects - 2003 onwards.


1.  Dump Truck. dump_truck.jpg (26914 bytes) I designed and built it using only the parts from the Master construction set. 

                            It was the first model I built after a 9 year break!


2.  Steam Roller. steamroller1.jpg (25943 bytes) I built this model freelance, without referencing any pictures or designs. 

                             It was controlled with the infra red controller and could turn, drive forwards/backwards.


3.  Skid Steer Loader. skid1.jpg (65860 bytes) I designed this model off of the Caterpillar skid steer loader. 

                                     It was controlled with the infra red controller and could turn, drive forwards/backwards and lift/raise the shovel.


4.  KettenKraftRad. ket1.jpg (60104 bytes) "Tracked motorcycle". I built this off pictures I found on the web.


5.  Fokker DVII. fokker5.jpg (41717 bytes) I built this from plans I found at : Chris Bourne's site : The Meccano model library.


6.  Diesel locomotive.amtrak3.jpg (43026 bytes)  I built this loosely based off pictures of the Amtrak locomotive.

                                     I compiled a model plan of the loco at: The Meccano model library.


7.  Steam Shovel. shovel1.jpg (60838 bytes) This is the model plan 19a. I used the Meccano SP3 steam engine in it. 

                              It is also converted to run with an electric MO motor.


8.  Double Ferris Wheel. ferrris4.jpg (43846 bytes) This is the model plan 33a. I used a Mamod SE3 steam engine to drive it.


9.  Special Edition Loco. loco1.jpg (43005 bytes) After a long wait, it finally arrived.


10. Workshop. shop2.jpg (37717 bytes) A model workshop using a Mamod steam engine and Mamod/Wilesco machinery.


11. Skip Truck. skip3.jpg (54318 bytes) A model based on a plan of a Eurotruck designed by Tony Parmee, with many mods.


12. Tug Boat. tug3.jpg (45861 bytes) A model built from a plan by Jim Picton

                        The model plan can be downloaded from


13. Traveling Gantry Crane. gantry2.jpg (23962 bytes) This is the model plan 24. It is fully radio controlled with a 2 channel radio. 


14. Blaw Knox Bulldozer. blaw1.jpg (37921 bytes) This model was built from the model plans No57. 


15. Wabco Mining Truck and Kenworth Trucks. dumptruck2.jpg (46766 bytes) This model was built from a model found on Spanner by Philip Webb. 


16. Face Shovel. face6.jpg (81021 bytes) Originally built by Patrick Lewis and rebuilt by John Bader.


17. Bell Scrapyard Runner. bell2.jpg (68245 bytes) Based off pictures and schematics of a BELL 225A Logger.


18. Cowans Sheldon 50 Ton Electric Dockyard Crane. cowans2.jpg (56046 bytes) A model plan published on the web by Michael Adler. 

                          The model plan can be downloaded from :


19. QL Bedford Fire Tender. QL2.jpg (77870 bytes) A model built from the design posted on Spanner by George Illingworth.


20. Traveling Bucket Dredger. dredger4.jpg (107882 bytes) A copy of Geoff Bennett's adapted Supermodel #5.


21. Giant Dragline. dragline2.jpg (129352 bytes) This is the model plan 27. It is fully radio controlled.


22. Crawler Crane. crawler01.jpg (297226 bytes) Mike Edkins Designed, built and published the modelplan of his tracked crawler crane.

23. Automatic Box Filling Machine. Model of the Month featured in Meccano Magazine January 1958.

24. Compact DockSide Crane. Compact Dockside Cape Town Crane designed and built by Colin Cohen of Cape Town.