July 2017



This model is of a Compact Dockside Cape Town Crane designed and built by Colin Cohen of Cape Town and the modelplan compiled and published by Anthony Els of Johannesburg.

I saw Anthonys modelplan at a MECSA (Meccano South Africa) meeting in May 2017 and decided to buils it for the next MECSA meeting in July 2017.

The changes I did to the model was to power the Marx 6 ratio motor using a live rail on the track board as well as to radio control all the functions of the model.

There are five servos in the model, one to control forward/reverse using a DPDT switch. The others do mechanical function to engage gears on shafts with a central idler pinion : Travel, Slew, Luff and Hoist.

I used JR 371 and SG90 Micro servos in the model, with a Hitec 7 channel Radio Receiver and Hitec Prism 7 Transmitter. Four AAA rechargeable batteries were housed in the model to power the Radio and Servos.
Six Volts was sent up the powered rail to power the Marx 6 ratio motor.

The modelplan was easy to follow and the model was fun to build. All functions operated well and the model is not finicky. The crane gearbox and boom unit lifts off the base to make for easy transport.

The Crane is a level Luffing crane utilizing a unique cam profile on the boom head to allow for Level  hook travel when Luffing.