July 2002


I decided to build this model because of my fascination with these machines. This model had a motor in each bogie which collected power through the track. The fan radiators on the roof were powered by a M.O. motor in the roof. The top came off the show the components of a diesel locomotive inside. From the rear is the head end motor, main motor, generator, power distribution, drivers seats and even a toilet in the nose of the loco!!

Here are some stats on these huge trains :

- The loco has a max speed of 177 Kph , weighs 270,000-pounds (122,470-kg) and is 54-ft (16.2-m) long.
- The main motor is a HUGE two-stroke, turbocharged V-12, weighs over 30,000 pounds (13,608 kg) and can make 3,200-horsepower.
- The main generator  weighs 17,700 pounds (8,029 kg) and could supply electricity to 1000 suburban homes. It supplies power to the
   electric motors in the bogies.
- The head-end power unit is a four-stroke, twin-turbocharged Caterpillar V-12. The engine itself is more powerful than the engine in almost any
   semi-truck. It powers a smaller generator to supply power to the carriages.
- The fuel tanks in the underbelly of the locomotive holds 2,200 gallons (8,328 L) of diesel fuel.
- The batteries operate on a nominal 64-volt electrical system. The locomotive has eight 8-volt batteries, each weighing over 300 pounds   
   (136 kg). These batteries provide the power needed to start the engine.
- The trucks are the heaviest things on the train -- each one weighs 37,000 pounds (16,783 kg).

Go to and search for diesel locomotives to see more information on these fascinating machines.


I wrote a Model Plan for the locomotive that you can find at Chris Bourne's Meccano Model Library :

Or on this website HERE.