January 2003



Bogies and Chassis

Bumpers and Undercarriage

Cabin and Body

Roof and Fans

Optional Components

Mounting the components and The Track



Designed and described by Chris Els

Head End Motor design by Chris Bourne

Photographs by Anthony Els



I decided to build this model because of my fascination with these huge and powerful machines. The model can be built in two ways:


        The full model with the removable top to display the machinery inside.

        The optional model. The loco is the same except the inside machinery is not built.


There are two parts lists:


        Full list, listing all the parts needed to build the full model.

        Partial list, lists all the parts needed to build the loco, excluding the following components (Figure 1): (a) Main motor, (b) Head end motor, (c) Main generator, (d) Head end generator, (e) Air compressors and (f) Power distribution board.


There are no parts listed for the track, you can pretty much do what you like for that.




This model has been based off pictures and information of the Amtrak Diesel locomotive.

The model has a MO motor in each bogie that collects power through the track. The fan radiators on the roof are powered by a M.O. motor in the roof. The top comes off to show the components of a diesel locomotive inside.

From the rear is the head end motor, main motor, generator, power distribution, drivers seats and even a toilet in the nose of the loco!!


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