June 2006



George Illingworth's QL Bedford Fire Tender


This model was originally designed and built by George Illingworth and the pictures posted on Spanner - Feb 2006.


George Illingworth describes : 

"It is the Army Fire Service tender on the Bedford QL 4x4 chassis. The body is a special one with a water tank and lockers with space for a
small pump.  A large trailer pump was usually towed.  Various ladders were carried in an adapted canopy frame.  About 750 of these were built in WWII
to provide fire cover for ammunition depots and stores dumps particularly after the invasion of Europe.  A number served on after the War and were
then painted red."


The Bedford QL had a number of variants such as: QLB gun tractor, QLB wrecker, QLC office van, QLR signal van, QL 950 Gallon refueller, among others.


Inspired by Georges model I built mine in Zinc and radio controlled the model.

A water pump pumped water from a container in the reservoir through a nozzle on the roof of the truck.

The nozzle could be directed via radio control and is great fun to spray people by surprise!







View of the Receiver in the side compartment and the water container in the water tank compartment.


View of Steering Servo, motor, drive train and diff.