November 2009



Mike Edkins Modelplan



Mike Edkins Designed, built and published the modelplan of his tracked crawler crane.

Pat Edkins typed it.

Ken Wright took the photographs.

Eddy Torr did the drawings.


The modelplan is superbly written, descriptive, clear and easy to follow.

The modelplan was published in the April 1991 Midlands Meccano Guild Gazette MMGG14.

I had little trouble building the model and it runs well.


Some Building Notes :

- The model plan warns that flats need to be filed onto the rods used in the track drive gearbox otherwise slippage will occur.

I was unwilling to do this and I found that the standard length triangular Meccano rods could be used in all situations on the model.

- The plastic track cogs needed to be modified; shortened and drilled. I did this as I felt it was a worthwhile modification.


Six double pole double throw switches control each motor :

- One motor for each track drive (Two)

- One motor to engage and disengage the drive motors (Servo Function)

- Slew motor

- Luff motor

- Hoist motor