December 2003


The latest MO motor with the triangular shaft has an interesting accessory, the 19:1 reduction gearbox, part number 760.


The gearbox that I own made a terrible racket when running.

I thought that there might be a burr on one of the gears or a broken tooth somewhere.

I decided to open it up and see what the problem was.


Part Number 760, a 19:1 reduction gearbox for use with the latest Triangular shaft MO motor.


The gearbox is held together with 8 small self tapping screws, four on the front cover and four on the rear cover.

I removed the rear cover first followed by the front cover


The rear cover removed.


Once the gearbox was apart I inspected the gears for broken teeth or burrs.  There was no grease on any of the moving parts inside the gearbox. I decided to put graphite grease onto all the gear 

teeth and onto all bearing faces  

The front cover removed.


The gearbox disassembled and ready for inspection.


Next I reassembled the gearbox.


Reassembly is straight forward and presented no problems.

I reinstalled the gearbox into the model which is the Special edition locomotive mounted on a stand so that it can be run as a display model at exhibitions.


I have now clocked up more that 150 hours of  constant running at exhibitions in the special edition loco and  the gearbox (and motor) is still running smoothly and quietly!