A semi-complete list (there might be some missing!) of Meccano related sites. Go here if you are looking to contact JMH club members.

Club/Society Webpages

This is intended as a list of clubs on-line and is by no means the totality of the clubs in existence around the world.

British Columbia Meccano club (Vancouver, Canada)
Canadian Modeling Association for Meccano & Allied systems (CMAMAS) Canada
Dutch Meccano Guild Netherlands
International Society of Meccanomen International. The definitive International Meccano site. Models, articles, history, international society
Italian Meccano Club Italy.
Le Club des Amis du Meccano in France French Meccano Club's site.
Meccano & Erector Club Includes classifieds, news, and images
Meccano Home Page - Canada Canada. Includes Desktop Themes for Windows, a history of Meccano, images, and more.
New Zealand Federation of Meccano Models Web site New Zealand. Pictures, events, spanner discussion group (spanner mailing list), etc..
North East Meccano Society British. Club details, forthcoming events, etc.
North Midlands Meccano Guild. British. Club details, forthcoming events, etc.
NMMG Info on Meccano, parts for sale, link to info on NMMG
Nuts & Bolts Meccano Page (Australia) Official page of the Australian Meccano Modellers' Association.
Sheffield Meccano Guild British. Club details, forthcoming events, etc.
South East London Meccano Club British. Club details, forthcoming events, etc.
Southern California Meccano and Erector Club British. Club details, forthcoming events, etc.
The North East Meccano Society British. Pictures, models from club members
The Transvaal Meccano Guild Johannesburg South Africa. The club has pictures of models and a large section on the history of Meccano
West London Meccano Society British


Home pages

This section is for individual's web page efforts with photo content, photo galleries, etc..

Alan's Meccano page Several models built by Alan, with some descriptions of his models
Alexandre Salvador Meccano in Spain
Ashok's Meccano Home page from India Replica parts manufacturer. Pictures from all over
BIG Trev's Cyberspatial Co-Ordinates Misc. models, photos, parts
César Manuel Bermúdez Gomez Sets of Meccano symbols for 3D Studio
Claes Lundberg Sweden, commemorates his Meccano childhood
David Williams Site Lots of pictures of manual covers down the years. Info on refurbishing your Meccano
Dennis Caswell's Meccano Site Home page, some model photos
Electronics in Meccano On-Line Tips and electronic tricks for Meccano applications
Frans Roost Good technical tips on using and modifying Meccano
Jeff Duntemann. A list of FAQ slated towards Robotics Enthusiasts covering Meccano/Erector, Exacto, Temsi, and Marklin Metall
Jim Picton's Meccano Page Jims home page. Photos, models, hints etc. Includes the British Columbia Meccano club (Vancouver, Canada)
Johan's Meccano Pages Dutch page. Models, pictures, etc.
Josephine Collis Canberra, Australia. Meet the tortoise with the Meccano wheel walking aid.....
Kees Trommel's site Exhibition pictures, tips and information in Dutch and English.
Meccano and related building sytems Swedish site with info on replica equivalents
Meccano@pt Portuguese Home page
Meccano Construction Site (NMMG) Info on Meccano, parts for sale, link to info on NMMG
Meccano crystal set Written by a member of the Xtal Set Society
Meccano Web Ring A web-ring connecting Meccano web pages
Melvyn Wright Melvin is co-ordinating a discussion on proposals for a 'Supermodel Set' which would be able to build a wide range of the biggest models, ancient and modern.
Michael Adlers Webpage Lots of info, models, model plans, articles, etc...
Nick Brunning's Meccano Web Site Home page with several pics of models he has built
Nigel's Meccano Pages Many unusual models. Details of the South East London Meccano Club.
Paul Dale's web site Pictures of his models from Australia
Paul Linford USA. Erector modeling
Pauli's Meccano Page Home page with a few photos of his models
Peter Finney Photographs of John Stark's Arnfield Clock Models.
Phil Edwards Home page. Reprints of his articles on differential gears and how to build Meccano versions. Pictures of some of his models including his Testarossa
Roberto Pensotti's website Pictures of models, mechanisms
Staffan Kjellin  iSweden. Some Swedish Meccano imitators
The Meccano Super Model Set Home page. Proposed year 2000 centenary set
The Meccano Light Red and Green Period 1958-1964 Home page. A Melvin Wright site detailing complete light green and red periods
Rolf Johansson Rolf has an interesting set of Meccano Drawings
Staffan Kjellin Meccano and related building systems in Sweden
The Meccano Model Library A library of models, with instructions on how to build them. Includes West London Meccano Society
The Meccano Web Ring Hub of Meccano-related Webring
Wes Dalefield's Meccano Home Page Wes's homepage in the UK detailing models, articles, etc.

Commercial web pages - items for sale

This is a list of suppliers for any Meccano parts, sets, collections for sale or supply of replicas, on-line around the world. Again: this is by no means the totality of Meccano suppliers, merely a list of those on-line.

Ashok's Meccano Home page from India India. Replica parts manufacturer
Bernard Maillot French dealer in things Meccano
Entech Webpage (Aeries Incorporation) India. Suppliers of Meccano parts, replicas
Geoffs getting rid of Meccano! Britain. Meccano items (lots!) for sale
Isomec Britain. Isomec is the current Meccano drawing standard in use
Joel Perlin, Metal Construction Toy Specialist Meccano parts, spares, sets, replicas for sale
HobbyCo Australia. Hobby sets and parts Including Meccano etc.
Meccano France  France. Present day manufacturers of Meccano and Erector
MW Models - Everything Meccano Britain. Order any part your heart desires. They have it in stock
Pandy's Collectibles  Paul & Nancy Piontkowski for restored Gilbert Erector sets and reconditioned parts
Rob Kanen Meccano Australia. Meccano parts/sets supplier in Australia

Non Meccano related links

The links listed here lead to utilities which generally improve on your web experience

iHarvest - Internet do-it-all saving and referencing tool. This utility allows you to download an entire web site onto your hard drive to browse. It improves much the existing Internet Explorer 5 interface.

Surfsaver - Another such utility.

Maxmem - Comes personally recommended to improve PC memory management. Have you ever scanned 10 photos or run 10 applications simultaneously and found the machine runs like a snail, swapping memory in and out constantly? This program reclaims memory which Win95 does'nt immediately re-allocate and lets your machine run as fast as if you had just booted up! This is ESPECIALLY useful when viewing lots and lots of pictures.

Cacheman - Another utility to improve disk cache settings and performance on slow machines - particularly useful for cd-writers or the indefinitely outdated "power-user".

A great place to find free stuff: Tools, anti virus, JavaScript tools, free web page servers. All you need to start writing your own Meccano signpost on the web!