This page holds the collection of knives and multitools I have collected over the years. Over the years the specifications and especially materials for the same model were altered by the manufacturers. The specifications, materials and manufacturer comments are for my specific models that I own below.

KNIVES - Ordered by Name (Order by Date)

1.      Butterfly Knife - Also known as a Balisong or Batanga knife.

2.      Belt Knife - Go anywhere, last ditch bailout.


3.      Benchmade - 630 Skirmish Blackwood - With the 630 Skirmish, size does matter.

4.      Browning - F66 - Survival pocket knife for Outdoor camping and hiking.


5.      Cold Steel - Kobun Tanto - In Japan, the underworld meaning of "Kobun" is "soldier". 


6.      Cold Steel - Recon 1 - They are as tough as nails and will cut like a chain saw.

7.      Cold Steel - Spartan - The Spartan is styled after the Greek Kopis swords.


8.      Cold Steel - Voyager 5Inch Tanto - A line of folders that are sure to be the standard by which others are judged for years to come. 


9.      CRKT - Apache - A great knife from CRKT's early production years. 


10.    CRKT - Crawford-Kasper Folder - Perhaps the world’s most carefully thought-out personal carry folder. 


11.    CRKT - M16 Special Forces - Designed with military special forces in mind, the M16-SFs are “folding fixed blades” with a true hilt. 


12.    CRKT - M21 - You asked for Kit Carson’s aluminum frame build with a powerful, deep bellied spear point blade. You got it.

13.    CRKT - Nirk Tighe - A Gentleman's folder of "irreducible complexity".


14.    CRKT - Point Guard - Pat Crawford’s popular hand-made tactical work tool is now available as an affordable production knife. 


15.    Emerson Knives - Commander - The #1 Hard Use Knife In The World. 


16.    KA-BAR Knives - USMC KA-BAR - The most famous fixed blade knife in the World. 


17.    Kershaw - BOA - One of the best-selling knives of it's time. 


18.    Kershaw - Offset - Kershaw Offset Limited Edition of 1000 Pieces. 


19.    Kershaw - One Ton - Carry it tip-up or tip-down, but definitely carry it.

18.    Kershaw - Spolier - An Exclusive EDC knife, made for the overseas market only.


20.    Kershaw - Storm II - Gift from nature to Swedish metallurgy.

21.    Lanskey - "The Knife"
One solid piece of virtually unbreakable, undetectable personal protective material.


22.    Opinel - VRN No. 8 - Created 100 years ago for the mountain dwellers in the Savoie region. 


23.    Opinel - VRN No. 10 - Created 100 years ago for the mountain dwellers in the Savoie region. 


24.    Pen Knife - A high quality, stainless steel single blade knife made in Solingen Germany.

25.    Schrade SCH304 - A high quality, great price knife made in China.


26.    SOG - SOG Trident (TF-2) - The only thing that it doesn't come with is have to supply that. 


27.    Spyderco - Chinook C63 - Outdoor adventurers and extreme sportspeople take notice. 


28.    Spyderco - Endura - Cornerstone of the knife industry and started the trend toward lightweight folders. 

 The "Swiss Army knife" of bicycle tools

29.    Spyderco - Police - Time and again law enforcement officers have opted for the Police Model since its debut in 1984. 


30.    Spyderco Byrd - Cara Cara - The BY03 brings together high-performance features with solid dollar value.

31.    Stanley FatMax Utility Knife - This retractable utility knife is designed to easily fold up so it fits easily into your pocket or tool belt.

32.    Stiletto Switchblade - It's not cool if you have to describe it. It's just cool.


Multi Tools 


1.       Allen Key Tool - The "Swiss Army knife" of bicycle tools.

2.       CRKT - Zilla-Tool - It really is the monster tool.

3.       Gerber - Multi-Plier 600 Pro Scout
- The Gerber Multi-Plier 600 Pro Scout is the top of the line in the Multi-Plier 600 series.


4.       Gerber - Model 800 "Legend" - Gerber multi-function tools have traveled down a unique design road. 


5.       Gerber - Suspension - The Suspension has all the down-and-dirty performance characteristics a tough guy would expect. 


6.       Leatherman - Charge Ti - It's time to expect more from a multi-tool.

7.       Leatherman - Sidekick - First choice, or handy second backup, you can't beat the value of the Sidekick.


8.       Leatherman - Super Tool 200 (ST200) - No-nonsense, hefty tool that can take abuse. 


9.       Leatherman - Wave - Wave is the top of the Leatherman line.

10.     Leatherman - Wingman - The Leatherman Wingman is just that: your go-to tool for projects around the house, on the job, or at the campsite.

11      MultiTool - My first Multitool

12.     RAVX  - Evo X2 Multitool - Ultimate functionality & performance.


13.     Schrade - ST1 Tough Tool - Simply the best, the Tough Tool ST1 is no exception. 


14.    SOG - PowerLock (S60) - It will also turn heads. An indestructible tool. 


15.     SOG - PowerPlier (F65) - The Power Plier is a somewhat hefty tool incorporating compound gears. 


16.    SOG - ToolClip - Escape and Evasion Ready. 


17.    Spyderco - SpydeRench - The relentless drive to evolve (as it should be). 


18.    Stanley - 12 in 1 multitool 84519 - A robust construction multi tool.

19.     Topeak -  Mini 18+ multitool (TT2518) - Mini series one piece super-light folding tool.


20.    Victorinox - Craftsman - First introduced in 1973, it has been a prominent model in the Victorinox line for quite some time


21.    victorinox - SwissChamp XLT - The XLT is the ultimate in portable pocket knives. 


22.    Victorinox - SwissTool 3.0327.N - The Swisstool is as finely crafted as their smaller brothers and just as handsome. 


23.    Victorinox - WorkChamp XL - Be Prepared for any task at hand.